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    ClearMotive Marketing Group's Founding Partner and CEO Tyler Chisholm

    Theresa is joined by TYLER CHISHOLM, Founding Partner & CEO of ClearMotive Marketing Group. A Canadian advertising agency based out of Calgary and Toronto. TYLER tells Theresa about his interest in flying, what got him into branding, his entrepreneurial origins in Southern Quebec, the importance of being engaged with your local community and how that led to the birth of Red Express.

    TYLER CHISHOLM and ClearMotive is on Twitter @tylerchisholm and @clearmotiveinc (p.s. they’re hiring!) While you’re there, make sure to follow @talentandtitan and subscribe to http://talentandtitan.simplecast.fm to stay in the loop! Talent & Titan is produced by Creative Niche and recorded in Toronto, ON.

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    Muncho's Owner and Creative Director Rob Duncan

    ROB DUNCAN speaks with Gassia Maljian about everything from his roots in the UK, his connection to the Hilary Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign, the reaction he got to putting Obama on the US banknote and much more.

    ROB is an Owner and Creative Director at Mucho in San Francisco and New York City and has worked with clients such as Apple, Dolby, Dell, Gap, Google and more. Mucho is a design studio that seeks to create “design with meaning” — it should come as no surprise then, that ROB is fundamentally concerned with the “why?” behind everything.

    Find ROB and some of his work at http://why.design and http://wearemucho.com.

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    RED Academy's Colin Mansell

    COLIN MANSELL visits the Creative Niche offices in downtown Toronto, ON. There, he speaks with Kristian Gilbert about the lessons he learned sailing from Vancouver to Alaska, the importance of sunsets, his origins as a classically trained musician and sound engineer, his approach to education and the value of a new idea.

    COLIN is the CEO and Founder of Red Academy, a design and tech school with locations in Vancouver, Toronto and London, UK and was inspired by a trip COLIN took to South Africa.

    Look for COLIN on twitter @colinatred and find out more about Red Academy at http://redacademy.com

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